Reserving Study Rooms

Study Room Policies

The 16 study rooms in the lower level of the library for use by Mitchell Hamline students and recent graduates studying for the bar exam.

Reservations can be made online up to one week in advance.

Online room reservations are limited to a maximum of two 3 hour blocks of time per day. The two daily study room reservations cannot cover consecutive hours.  Three hours must separate the end of the first booking and the beginning of the second booking.

The daily limit on room bookings and the consecutive hours restriction may be overridden by the Circulation Staff depending on room availabilty.

Study rooms can be renewed up to an additional 3 hours if no other group has reserved the room  Renewals are made at the circulation desk, not through the LibCal web page.

A keycard to unlock the study room door must be checked out by one member of the group and that person is responsible for returning it to the circulation desk.

Groups of 2 or more students have priority in small group study rooms. Individual students may reserve a study room that is not booked, but they must leave the room if a group wants to reserve the room.

The study rooms are not sound proof. Loud voices will travel and disturb others studying in adjoining study rooms and at tables in the library.

The Library’s Food & Drink Policy also applies to study rooms.

Reserve a Study Room